Scheduling and inspections calendar
Scheduling and inspections calendar
Schedule inspections at the required intervals and view them on the calendar
and inspections calendar
Set a name for the planning algorithms
Establish a "lifetime" for plans
Turn on notifications before deadlines
Create the inspection schedule that you want
Juggle will schedule inspections according to the timetable
Every weekday
Set dates
All inspections on the calendar
View all inspections by status in the calendar
Start working efficiently
Increase your productivity, and Juggle will help you with this
Assign inspections directly from the calendar
Juggle will exclude weekends and public holidays when the option is enabled
Set up filters
Use filters to quickly find the right inspections
Mass assignment of inspections
Need to assign hundreds or thousands of inspections — use the mass assignment tool
Start your way to automating business audits with Juggle
Free up your time for more important tasks
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