Streamline your operations: digital audits made effortless
Transforming on-site data collection & process control with every checklist
Simplify teamwork, leverage powerful tools
Enhance collaboration effortlessly with Juggle's robust features
Analytics-driven insights
Inspire proactive decision-making, identify trends, and prevent issues
Custom checklist creation
Create checklists tailored to your business practices with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Inspection scheduling and calendar
Efficiently plan and manage inspections with Juggle's calendar, offering precise scheduling and comprehensive oversight
Autotasks for immediate action
Automatically generate tasks for detected violations with Juggle's autotasks, streamlining your response process efficiently
Accurate violation identification
Enhance compliance accuracy with Juggle's Live Photos and Location Sharing, ensuring authentic and irrefutable audit evidence
Juggle - digital audit of the next generation
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A convenient tool for data collection
Inspection management
Geolocation tracking
Working offline
Task assignment
Relevant notifications
Start your way to automating business audits with Juggle
Free up your time for what really matters
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