Make your business more optimised now!
On-site data collection & processes control by checklists
Make cooperation as simple and constructive as possible
Powerful features that help you
Review reports and conclude
Analyse data and make management decisions
Constructor for Checklist
Create checklists that are specific to your business
Inspections and inspections calendar
Assign inspections to employees and view them on the calendar
Use autotasks
Juggle can automatically create tasks when violations are detected
Identify violations
The service guarantees the accuracy of the information through a unique 'Live Photos' function - it is impossible to replace the photos
Juggle - digital audit of the next generation
Download the Juggle mobile app
A convenient tool for data collection
Manage inspections
Geolocation tracking
Working offline
Assigning task in the App
Start your way to automating business audits with Juggle
Free up your time for more important tasks
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