Constructor for Checklist
Constructor for Checklist
Create practical checklists in a user-friendly and straightforward constructor
Making a checklist is easy
Drag & Drop constructor. Simply drag and drop the required items - create the checklist structure you want
"Logic" function
PS: If the answer is no - ask 3 more questions
Make inspections quicker and easier by showing or hiding fields depending on the answer chosen by your team members
Require attachments
Add compulsory attachments depending on the answer from the reviewer
PS: If the answer is no, add 1 photo, 1 video
If the answer is yes, add 1 audio
Duplicate categories
You can do it if you need to duplicate the checklist categories for more extensive inspections
Restrict the uploading of images from the device's gallery
Be sure that employees are adding photos at the time of inspection, not pre-prepared photos
Juggle offer many additional features to enhance your productivity
Tools of any complexity to help you easily create and organise inspections
Restrict access to the checklist
Restrict the ability to do checklist inspections for specific users
Previewing checklists
Preview the checklist in fill-in mode when you create it
Setting up notifications by category
Set up an individual set of notifications for each category
Archive of deleted checklist templates
You accidentally delete a template - you can restore it from the archive
Right to edit checklists
Allow selected users to edit the checklists
Photo samples
Add photo samples or graphic instructions
Checklists are automatically saved
Group checklist templates
Group templates for easy management and search
Adjustable weight for points
Adjust the weight of an item according to its priority
Protection against simultaneous editing
Prohibit simultaneous editing of the same checklist
Start your way to automating business audits with Juggle
Free up your time for more important tasks
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